Find and Remove Duplicate Photos in 3 Easy Steps


Download, install and run Remo Duplicate Photos Remover on you Windows computer. From the main screen, click on Select Folders and Start Scan button.


Select the locations to scan for photos and hit Start Scan button. If you want to scan for similar images, then select "Scan for Similar Photos" option.

3StepClean Duplicate

When software displays duplicate photos in different sets, select the one which you want to remove and hit Finish button.

Why Do We Need Remo Duplicate Photos Remover?
  • Quickly finds and removes exact photos (if you want, you can even check for similar photos)
  • Advanced duplicate photo remover which saves time as well as valuable storage space
  • Allows to keep one copy of original photo, before deleting entire set
  • Fully automated to sort thousands of pictures in one shot
  • Preview option is available through which one can have a clear look at duplicate photos before deletion
  • Powerful tool to locate and delete duplicate pictures on Windows
What our customers say...
  • Is it possible to delete similar type of photos via this app?

    Yes, it is possible. Use "Scan for Similar Photos" option to scan similar type of photos.

  • What photos are scanned using Remo Duplicate Photos Remover?

    Pictures that are exact duplicates are shown in scanned results. And, you can also scan for nearly identical pictures.

  • How many duplicate photos can I delete using demo version?

    By using demo version, you can delete up to 15 duplicate photos.